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DL Campus Intensive | January 12-14, 2017

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DL Campus Intensive  |  January 12-14, 2017

The final day of this years Distributed Learning Program Campus Intensive featured on open format that allowed students to shape their experience by selecting sessions aligned with their personal/educational interests. 
This year's "Choice Session" Topics included:

  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Examining the Work of Dr. Joy Degruy with Chryste Johnson  - - - > This session included a viewing of a presentation given by Dr. Joy to colleagues overseas. Her work explores the history of chattel slavery in the United States and how it's effects have shaped the contemporary lives of African-Americans. She painted a clinical picture of how such a traumatic event can do nothing more than leave scars on all that lived the experiences (including the oppressors and the oppressed).
  • Narrative Theory & Practice with Ronnie Swartz & Yatiel Owens - - - > This session explored stories as a possibility for change, transformation, kindness, and gratitude...and narrative approaches that are highly effective, and consistent with our personal commitments.
  • Stories of Decolonization: Land Dispossession & Settlement with Geneva Shaw & Phoebe Cellitti  - - - > This seesion included a documentary film screening & discussion
  • Narrative Practices for Justice Doing & Collective Sustainability with Yvonne Doble  - - - > This workshop engaged in narrative practices ,including group and reflective dialogs, to discuss systems for mutual support and accountability. Content drew from specific tools and concepts from Vikki Reynolds.
  • Foster Care with Rochelle Trochtenberg - - - > As the California Foster Care Ombudsperson, Rochelle presented on the rights of California foster youth.
  • Federal Indian Law and Social Services in Indian Country with Kerri Malloy - - - > Origin of social services in Indian Country as a component of federal Indian policy and the application of Federal Indian Law today.
  • Mindful Strategies for Defusing Defensiveness When Confronting Privilege with Yvonne Doble - - - > This workshop offered tools and strategies for recognizing, naming and navigating personal defensiveness that may arise when confronting our own power and privilege, as well as systemic and implicit bias. Content drew on materials from Robin DiAngelo.
  • Worker Overwhelm: Cultivating Solutions Between Social Workers & the People They Serve with Phoebe Cellitti - - - > This workshop covered research related to compassion fatigue and offered solutions to overcome it and use it as a tool to better serve clients. 
  • Bilingual Social Work with Laura Power - - - > This workshop was an opportunity to talk about using your second language in your social work practice.  What skills do you have?  What steps can you take to prepare yourself to be a bilingual practitioner? 

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