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The Women’s March on Eureka held on Saturday - January 21st

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The Women’s March on Eureka held on Saturday, January 21st, commenced at C & 1st Street.  A global cooperative, community based and family-friendly event, all were encouraged to create a beautiful message - positivity, empowerment, and unification - for people of all ages and genders who believe in human rights, civil liberties, diversity, and compassion.

AFSCME Local 1684, the largest union in Humboldt County representing more than 1,100 county employees, sponsored the event by providing financial support and outreach for participants. Their generosity and dedication to the cause of social justice and public engagement provided the financial support to make this march happen.

Here is what our students and faculty said:

Coming from Lake County, it was refreshing and surprising to see such a great turnout this year for the march.  Living in other rural areas of Northern California, I have not had the opportunity to participate in such well coordinated events for social advocacy.  As a social worker and a recent addition to the community, it felt great to be with such a diverse crowd of fellow advocates and I look forward to future events like this.   - Kevin McGeoch, MSW Class of 2017

Accessibility meant a great deal to me, specifically the sign language interpreter for myself and other deaf participants.  As a senior social work student who focuses on disability rights, I greatly appreciated the willingness of the organizers to accommodate myself and other deaf women at short notice by providing an interpreter on stage for the rally.  It is important to set a visual example of accessibility and accommodations for all to follow, as we face jeopardy under a Trump administration, not only as women but as disabled people.  The lives and well-being of disabled people are at risk, and social workers must be aware of intersectionality in our field of work.   - Heather Jenkins, MSW Class of 2017

As someone who believes the personal is political, it was incredibly emotional witnessing that not only locally, but nationwide and internationally, fellow social justice warriors refusing to stay quiet. It was especially rad to participate in the march with members of our MSW coHEART. This won't be the last time we are out there on the trenches, I can promise you that! March on--let's get to work!  - Chelsea Trillo - MSW Class of 2018

I'm so proud of my kiddos that made their own signs and came up with the slogans all on their own. It was sweet and heartening. The whole experience gave me the dose of hope and courage that I needed to push into the next round of resistance to this new administration. - Holly Scaglione, Social Work Lecturer

White Privilege, feminism and social justice in what this beautiful event presented and challenged. - Yatiel Owens, Social Work Lecturer

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