BASW Prerequisites

BASW Prerequisites

Coursework should be completed during Freshman/Sophomore years


Both of these courses are required:

SW 104:  Introduction to Social Work and Social Work Institutions
SW 255:  Beginning Social Work Experience (can be waived with approval from Social Work Advisor based on documented 60 hours of volunteer service work at a single site. Typical documentation includes a signed letter on agency letterhead.)

NOTE:  SW 104 and SW 255 should be completed as soon as possible.


One of the following courses related to diversity:

ES 105:  Introduction to Ethnic Studies
NAS 104:  Introduction to Native American Studies
CRGS 108:  Power/Privilege - Gen/Race/Sex/Class

NOTE:  Other courses that are centrally organized around a theme of the experiences of marginalized groups may be accepted. Documentation may be required via course descriptions and syllabi.


One of the following courses in Elementary Statistics:

STAT 106:  Statistics for the Health Sciences
STAT 108:  Elementary Statistics
PSYCH 241:  Introduction to Psychological Statistics
SOC 282:  Sociological Statistics


For questions regarding potential course substitution, please contact the Admissions Coordinator, Julie Slater at (707) 826-5350,