MSW Prerequisite Courses

MSW Prerequisite Courses

A Prerequisite Course Verification Form is included in application package to be returned directly to the Department of Social Work.

Applicants must have a liberal arts background demonstrated by having met the CSU general education requirements or a comparable course of study as an undergraduate.

Applicants are required to have a course in basic statistics. This can be in any discipline but must be a course centrally organized around statistics (not research).

Applicants are required to take a course related to Native American communities prior to admission. This will ideally be a course equivalent to an Introduction to Native American Studies. Other course work may be considered provided that it demonstrates a general introduction to the history and culture of Native peoples of America and the unique and sovereign relationship between tribal nations and local, state and federal governments.

The Department of Social Work offers an online course for the last 8 weeks of Fall & Spring semester that meets the Indigenous Studies pre-requisite. SW 420: Decolonizing Social Work with Indigenous Peoples is a 1.5 unit online course offered through the Office of Extended Education. Students can call the office at (707) 826-3731 or go online to:  to register.  Fees are due at the time of registration ($330.00).

The following is a link to universities with Native American Studies Programs and should help you locate a course if you need assistance.

A very helpful resource for locating online courses is the California Virtual Campus. This should help you find courses you may need to meet the pre-requisite requirements.

Pre-requisite coursework may be in progress during application process but students must prove successful completion prior to beginning MSW program.

Questions? Please call the MSW Administrative Support Assistant at (707) 826-4443.