Is Online Learning For Me?

Is Online Learning For Me?

For some, the idea of learning how to do good social work without face to face interaction is a challenge. We have come to understand that when we speak about face to face interaction, what we are really talking about is relationship building. Relationships are formed out of common and shared meaning-making. We can make meaning with people synchronously or asynchronously, face to face or online, as long as time and attention is given to this process.

Things to consider

Time commitments: Courses are not self-paced. Students must be able to set aside and manage their time to complete readings, assignments, group activities and other course content on a weekly basis.

Technology access: Course content is hosted online. Students must be able to review and upload online content 2-3 times per week at minimum. Students should also expect to participate in a live online session each Monday evening, making use of audio and video.

Written communication platform: Due to the online structure of the courses, much peer and faculty contact is conducted and evaluated via written communication. Students can receive support to further develop their professional writing skills, but should be prepared to spend more time on course projects if this is an identified need.

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