César Abarca, MSW, Ph.D.

César Abarca MSW, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(707) 826-4552
Founders Hall 166b

I am a community organizer, scholar-activist, and urban farmer. I earned my interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Sociology and Social Welfare from Boston University, and my BSW and MSW degrees from San Francisco State University. I have practice social work in multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic communities in California, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. I am bilingual and bicultural, and my teaching experience includes: social policy, research, community projects, community practice, cultural concepts, and master's projects. I have taught in social work programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in Massachusetts, New Mexico, and California. My research interests are immigration (theory, practice, and policy), employment, community development and engagement, grassroots community organizing, ethnographic methods, and social movements.

I am interested in community development, grassroots community organizing and environmental justice. I have worked lately on issues of food security and sovereignty, organic community gardens, , and land-based knowledge and practice. Also, I am a founder member of Los Jardines Institute (LJI) a community-based, grassroots, intergenerational organization based in Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico and it is dedicated to build healthy and sustainable communities and workplaces. For my community practice, I developed a practice model that is holistic and examines the intersection between social, economic, environmental and well-being justice.