Cherie Shipley, LCSW

Cherie Shipley LCSW

(707) 826-4457
Founders Hall 101

 When my son was three, we moved to Humboldt County so I could attend HSU.  In 1987 I received my BASW, worked in youth development through mentoring and outdoor adventure activities,  then returned to school and completed my MSW from CSUS in 1997.  As a credentialed school social worker and LCSW, I work with children, families, school systems, and our community to support children and family development. Ecological systems theory, resiliency theory, the strengths perspective, narrative therapy, and solution-focused therapy influence my practice.

As a lecturer, I enjoy facilitating a learning community that supports sharing of mutual knowledge while encouraging each student’s growth within our profession.  Currently I am interested in trauma-informed practice - in education and our community, mindfulness strategies to encourage children’s healthy brain development, and building systems that promote resiliency. 

On the weekends, I nurture my spirit by connecting with nature and spending time with my horse.  I am a hoof trimmer, an artist, and enjoy kyaking on Humboldt Bay.