Holly Scaglione, MSW

Holly Scaglione MSW

(707) 826-4451
Behavioral and Social Sciences 454
Originally from Pittsburgh PA, I graduated with my BASW in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. I earned my MSW from Humboldt State University. I also hold a Drug & Alcohol Certification from the Community College of Allegheny County. While traveling with the Semester at Sea program during my undergraduate studies, I was astounded by and humbled from bearing witness to the devastating effects of poverty, corruption, colonization, and social injustice around the globe. I felt called to be of service for positive change in myself, my community, and the world at large.
My goal is to facilitate a view of the world through a social lens, to inspire my students to challenge the mechanics of oppression and marginalization and encourage them to take action against it, and to realize their full potential as social workers and as human beings.
I have experience with substance abuse counseling, community organizing, mental health counseling and case management, the homeless population, medical (hospital) social work, harm reduction modalities, and equine-assisted therapy, among others.

Macro/Community Social Work

I am particularly interested in how we conceptualize and prioritize social problems and in turn, how we empower each other to organize against the status quo in
order to solve these problems. What is our role as Social Workers in modern-day organizing and how can we realize and carry out our original pursuit of macro-level
social change? I am interested in our role as advocates within our local communities as well as the empowerment of second- and third-world populations (and the ethical implications of this role).
Along these lines I am also concerned with issues of privilege, oppression, and cultural repair. Specifically how can we stimulate dialogue about and the acknowledgement of privilege in our everyday lives in order to recognize and remediate its effects upon marginalized populations? How can we discover methods of cultural connection and reparation within our own lives in order to achieve self-actualization?

Harm Reduction

I am interested in the harm reduction movement and its intersection with social work, specifically around shared values such as self-determination, respect, access to
needed resources, and social justice, among others. I want to expand the ideas of harm reduction into all areas of social work and incorporate harm reduction theory into social work practice.

Experiential Social Work

My interest in experiential social work lies primarily in the realm of equine-assisted therapeutic modalities. As a practitioner of Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning, I value its ability to allow participants to discover what works for them and discard what does not. I believe that the use of animals (especially horses) as “emotional mirrors” is a powerful way to build clear communication, honesty, and trust. The use of the horse as “therapist” is an effective and fun way to experience deeper authenticity, self-esteem, clarity, and personal power.