Rebecca Lowry, MSW

Rebecca Lowry MSW

Lecturer (through November 2015)
(707) 826-4457
Founders Hall 101

I am an enrolled member of the Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians, headquartered in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My partner and I have two sons with Yurok, Maidu and Pit River heritage.  As one of the original community organizers of the Native Culture Fund, I’ve worked in culturally based program development and in forming community decision making models based on networks of regional community advisers. I believe in teaching our young people traditional cultural skills and investing in leadership development for community members of all ages.

My clinical social work has focused on harm reduction, healing trauma, repairing relationships within families and building the bond between parent and young child through somatic, narrative and creative arts therapy.  Prevention and clinical work with pregnant women during the first year of a baby’s life is of particular interest to me. I really enjoy teaching at HSU, having been originally recruited to the area by the Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program in 1996. 

My current curricular interests are leadership development, community program development and documenting best practices of partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and groups.