Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

Field Education

The Council on Social Work Education describes Field Education as the “signature pedagogy” in social work education. Field Education is fundamental to both our BASW and MSW programs. The ability to apply academic knowledge to actual conditions in the community is distinctive to the field of social work. The academic experience is enriched, as is the field experience, both are necessary for real learning to take place.

Students can gain perspective and understanding of the challenges and benefits of authentic partnership with community agencies and tribal programs. Many students state that their field experience and their relationship with their internship supervisor was the most important factor in their professional development.

To reflect our program emphasis of working with Indigenous and rural communities, we have cultivated strong on-going partnerships with county and tribal social services programs in far northern California as well as schools, non-profits and community advocacy organizations. 
For students considering our on-line programs please review the information provided on our Online Field Experience page.  We have over 200 placement settings in Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendocino, Lake, Trinity and Shasta counties. 


NOTE:  All internship field placements require a preliminary meeting with and final approval from Yvonne Doble, Director of Field Education: