Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

MSW Field Experience

In both Foundation and Advanced years of the MSW program students complete 480 field placement hours. This equals approximately 16 hours per week for the duration of two semesters.

Distributed Learning students complete their field placements in Fall/Spring beginning 3rd semester of their Foundation coursework and Fall/Spring beginning the 3rd semester of their Advanced Coursework.

Both full-time and part-time Advanced Standing MSW students will only complete one two-semester field placement internship.

Placement Process:

All internship field placements require a preliminary meeting with and final approval from Yvonne Doble, Director of Field Education:

Students in the full-time on-campus program will have an opportunity to interview with two to three potential sites in the Humboldt County vicinity, based on skills and interests noted in their Application to Field Education. These sites have typically hosted social work interns from HSU in the past.

Part-time Distributed Learning students have an additional Field Placement Preparation orientation module which is accessed via Moodle. They must complete the module prior to their initial meeting with Sheri Johnson. The Application to Field Education is submitted within that online module. DL students are provided technical support in identifying potential internship sites in their home communities. Before students may begin their internships, these sites must complete a contract process with HSU that is facilitated via the Department of Social Work Field Education Program.

Placement Guidelines:

MSW interns must receive weekly supervision with from an individual holding an MSW, who also has at least two years of practice experience. Off-site supervision can be explored. In this case students would have both an agency supervisor and an off-site MSW supervisor. Administration of the agency or tribal program must support the placement, provide learning opportunities, and create a climate welcoming to a student learner.