Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

Online Field Experience

Students who are participating in our Distributed Learning programs for BASW and MSW degrees complete the same requirements for field education as on-campus students. Additional support is provided the semester prior to field placement in order to research and secure an appropriate field placement in the community.

BASW Field Experience:  Students pursuing their undergraduate Social Work degree complete three components of Field Experience during their course of study.

  • Beginning Volunteer Experience
  • Social Agency Experience
  • Senior Year Internship

If you are located in the service area of another California State University that has an undergraduate Social Work program please explore your options for completing your degree requirements through that school as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure a Senior Year Internship field placement for you if you live near another CSU. Students who are currently employed in the social work field may be an exception to this limitation.

MSW Field Experience:  In both Foundation and Advanced years of the MSW program students complete 480 field placement hours. This equals approximately 16 hours per week for the duration of two semesters.  Distributed Learning students complete their field placements in Fall/Spring beginning 3rd semester of their Foundation coursework and Fall/Spring beginning the 3rd semester of their Advanced Coursework.  Part-time Distributed Learning students have an additional Field Placement Preparation orientation module which is accessed via Moodle. They must complete the module prior to their initial meeting with Sheri Johnson. The Application to Field Education is submitted within that online module. DL students are provided technical support in identifying potential internship sites in their home communities. Before students may begin their internships, these sites must complete a contract process with HSU that is facilitated via the Department of Social Work Field Education Program.

NOTE:  All internship field placements require a preliminary meeting with and final approval from Yvonne Doble, Director of Field Education: