Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

CalSWEC Stipend Projects

HSU’s Department of Social Work partners with the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) and County/Tribal organizations to strengthen the child welfare workforce and improve services for children and families. Each of these stipend programs provide support and resources for students in exchange for a commitment to employment in a public or Tribal child welfare setting post-graduation. 

BASW - Child Welfare: Full Time: $15,000 stipend in the senior year.  Part Time Program: Up to $14,164 per year for junior and senior year, for tuition, fees and books for students who are employed by a County/Tribal social services agency; need support from employer.

MSW - Child Welfare: Full-time Program: $18,500 annual stipend for one or two years; Part-time Program: Up to $14,164 for tuition, fees and books; for students who are County/Tribal social services employees; need support from employer.

Pathway Program: Part Time Distributed Learning BASW or MSW: Up to $14,164 for tuition, fees and educational expenses for students who live in rural and remote regions of California and who are employed by a County/Tribal social services organization; need support from employer.

NOTE: For all programs, post-graduate employment required and an additional 1.5 unit field seminar is required per semester during internship years

For further information and to apply, please select the specific program from the links to the left. You may also visit the CalSWEC site.