Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend Program

Humboldt State University, in partnership with the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) offers educational stipends of $18,500 to advanced year MSW students in an eligible field placement whose professional goal is to work in public mental/behavioral health.

The goals of the Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend Program are to:

  • Support MSW students who are committed to working in the public mental health system.
  • Prepare those students to provide MSW services through the public mental/behavioral health system that promote wellness, recovery, and resiliency.
  • Recruit, enroll and support students who have consumer and family experience with the public mental/behavioral health system.
  • Recruit, enroll and support students who are culturally and linguistically competent to meet the service needs of California's diverse populations.
  • Promote the distribution of stipends throughout the State of California.

Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend (IBHS) students are required to complete internships in a county mental/behavioral health department in California or a community agency contracted with the local county mental/behavioral health department. For Humboldt County applicants, an in-person interview is required. In other counties applicants may be required to interview for the Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend Program via a conference call with the Social Work Department’s Director of CalSWEC Programs, the Field Director, and the potential supervisor identified by the applicant. Interviews take place in early April for internships during the following academic year.

Qualifications and Requirements. Students must:

  • Be a current student at HSU and accepted to the MSW Program.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to public mental health services. Priority will be given to current employees of public mental health agencies and individuals who reflect the diverse client populations currently served by public mental/behavioral health agencies in California. Fluency in a high demand language is also given priority.
  • Be in good academic standing in the MSW Program
  • Be legal residents of the U.S.
  • Have a valid California driver’s license/State ID.

Upon graduation, students must:

  • Work in a county public mental/behavioral health agency or community-based organization under contract to a county public mental/behavioral health agency in California
  • Work for a qualifying agency in a position appropriate to a new MSW in mental health for one calendar year to pay back the one academic year of support received
  • Agree to participate in CalSWEC’s ongoing program evaluation/data collection

Access the Application by clicking the link on the right of this page. Please complete both the application and the supplemental application, and return to:  Sasheen Raymond, Department of Social Work, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata, CA 95521

Applications can also be scanned and emailed to or faxed to (707) 826-4454
For additional information, contact Carrie Cline, CalSWEC Programs Administrative Support Coordinator, at or (707) 826-4459.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00pm, March 24, 2017