Mental Health Stipend Program

Mental Health Stipend Program

Humboldt State University, in partnership with the California Social Work Education Center (CALSWEC) offers educational stipends of $18,500 to advanced year MSW students whose professional goal is to work in county mental health. Mental Health Stipend (MHS) students are required to complete internships in a county mental health department in California, or a community agency contracted with the local county mental health department. For Humboldt County applicants, an in-person interview is required. In other counties, applicants will interview for the Mental Health Stipend Program via a conference call to include, the Mental Health Stipend Coordinator, the Field Director, and the potential supervisor identified by the applicant. Interviews take place in April for internships during the following academic year.
Post graduation, Mental Health Stipend students are required to work for one year in the Mental Health Department of Humboldt County or another county in California. Graduates may also work in a community agency anywhere in California that has a contract with the local Department of Mental Health. The application process includes both a written application and an in-person interview. Successful applicants must be in good academic standing, be legal residents of the U.S., and have a valid California driver’s license/State ID.

Access the Application by clicking the link on the right of this page. Please complete both the application and the supplemental application, and return to:  Sasheen Raymond, Department of Social Work, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata, Ca 95521

Applications can also be scanned and emailed to or faxed to (707) 826-4454

For additional information, contact Carrie Cline, CalSWEC Administrative Support Coordinator, at or (707) 826-4459.

Important note to students:  Humboldt State’s Department of Social Work anticipates having a contract with the California Social Work Education Center for a Mental Health Stipend Program before the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester. Until we have this contract finalized, however, we cannot disburse any stipend funds. If necessary, our office will assist you in making arrangements with Student Financial Services to extend the payment date for Fall fees. We hope that the contract will be executed well before fees are due and we have every reason to expect that this will happen. The Department is going to plan for review of applications and the internship placement process under this assumption. Please feel free to contact Carrie Cline, Administrative Support Coordinator for the Department of Social Work's CalSWEC Programs, if you have questions at (707) 826-4459 or