Title IV-E MSW Child Welfare Training Project

Title IV-E MSW Child Welfare Training Project

The need in the state for MSW professionals, particularly in child welfare and in rural areas, has been documented as critical in several studies. The mission of the MSW Program at Humboldt State University is to prepare students for professional social work practice responsive to the challenges and resources present in rural areas in general and indigenous communities in particular.

Humboldt State University, in partnership with the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) Title IV-E Program offers stipends for child welfare and Indian Child Welfare internships. The stipends are $18,500 each year for Advanced Standing or the Full Time two year programs. The first internship will be in a program serving children, youth, or families a community setting and the second year internship would be in public child welfare services or in a tribal Indian Child Welfare setting. The responsibility of the student upon completion of the MSW program is to work in child welfare for a minimum of two years. Ideally, students receiving the Title IV-E stipend are committed to child welfare services in California as their professional career area of interest.

By participating in Humboldt State University's Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project, the student will have the opportunity to learn advanced practice in the field of child welfare and Indian Child Welfare which includes an emphasis on rural social work and a perspective that is Native American and offers experiences in indigenous agencies and communities.

Receiving a Title IV-E stipend is a two-part process. First a candidate for the MSW program must complete the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project application and be accepted into the MSW program. Once candidates are notified of their acceptance into the program, those who have applied for the stipend will be interviewed by a panel consisting of the Title IV-E MSW Project Coordinator, the Social Work Department Field Director and representatives from public/tribal child welfare agencies.

County/tribal social services employees may be eligible for limited part time stipends of $10,164 each year for study through the MSW Distributed Learning Program.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact the HSU Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project at TitleIV-E@humboldt.edu or 707.826.4459. You may also contact the IV-E Project Director at Ken.Smith@humboldt.edu or 707.826.4458.