Humboldt State University

Department of Social Work

BASW Application Process

To enroll at HSU please go to Cal State Apply.  This is the official application system for all 23 campuses in the California State University. The Department's supplimental application is in the Cal State Apply application.

For current HSU students, submit the BA Social Work Program Application no later than January 31 during your Sophomore year (or when you have reached 60 units).

All applications received after this date will be reviewed for admission on a space available basis. After an application has been received, it is reviewed by faculty members to insure that each applicant meets the general course requirements and that the quality and nature of the applicant’s Personal Statement evidences an understanding of social work values and purposes. Taking into consideration the faculty review of each application, the BA Social Work Program Director makes a recommendation as to whether a student be fully or provisionally accepted into the major. Students are informed of the admission decision via a letter from the BA Social Work Program Director prior to the registration period for fall classes.

Please note that all accepted students will be required to attend an on-campus orientation the first week of fall semester (includes Distance Learning students).

More information on Provisional Acceptance.

If you are seeking to enroll in our Distance Learning course of study, where all coursework is completed via online courses, the timelines, prerequisites and application review process are the same. There is a separate application that includes a survey regarding your preparation for online studies. Please review the DL Section on "Is Online Learning for me?" prior to application.

Contact our Bachelors Director and  if you have any questions: