For Our Online Students

For Our Online Students

You can complete your undergraduate and graduate social work degrees online.

Please visit our DISTRIBUTED LEARNING PAGE for more information about our online program.

The application process for the undergraduate program are the same as the on-campus Bachelors Degree program.

Please view the HSU Student Financial Services site for general information regarding tuition and fees.

You will have the opportunity to select Distributed Learning (DL) on the application form.

In addition to following the campus course structure, undergraduate DL students participate in the annual Campus Intensive and live online course meetings each Thursday from 6-9pm during the semester.  Please note that all accepted students will be required to attend an on-campus orientation the first week of fall semester.

If you are located in the service area of another California State University that has an undergraduate Social Work program please explore your options for completing your degree requirements through that school as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure a field placement for you if you live near another CSU.

The MSW Distributed Learning program has a separate application process and fee structure. Course work includes summer sessions. MSW DL students also participate in the mandatory annual Campus Intensive in January and live online course meetings each Thursday from 6-9pm when courses are in session.


You can also review the two PDF Charts for comparison of Full and Advanced Standing MSW Degree Programs. These comparisons review number of semesters, time needed for successful course completion, time on campus, field placements, and cost of program.