Alumni in the Field

Connor Hawkins / MA in Sociology, 2000

By Katie Hittmeier, Sociology Undergraduate, Spring 2003

With his Master's degree in Sociology from Humboldt State, Connor set up the Humboldt Patient Resource Center that provides medical marijuana to area patients. His facility employs the principles of clinical Sociology and Social Work and some elements of Psychology. He believes that the knowledge and skills he developed in his graduate work help him provide the best service possible to his 200 clients.

One goal of the Humboldt Patient Resource Center is to integrate clients into the community. To assess client needs, he administers questionnaires and conducts interviews. Using the information he collects, Connor develops a step-by-step plan to help patients reach their goals. If more education, skills, housing, or anything else becomes an obstacle to reaching their goals, Connor works with the client in order to solve the problem. After a plan of action is determined, Connor supports the patient in a self-monitoring process. A common piece of advice he gives is: "You can either get better or worse, but you will never stay the same."

The Center also participates in fundraising for the community. The three organizations that the Center is actively involved with are Relay for Life, the MDA Society, and Multiple Sclerosis. Many of his clients are involved in these areas so helping these organizations provides aid to the community and to his clients.

To Connor Hawkins, Sociology challenges the mind, forces an evaluation of the world, and then creates action. Utilizing both the mathematical and artistic sides of the brain, Connor said you can go anywhere.