Alumni in the Field

Ricardo Maldonado /BA 2002

By Katie Hittmeier, Sociology Undergraduate, Spring 2003

A recent graduate of Humboldt State with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Ricardo works actively in the Chico community. Currently, Ricardo volunteers for two community groups, the Beyond Violence Alliance and the Community Collaboration for Youth. These organizations travel to schools and perform skits in an effort to teach lessons about adversity and violence. To counter the negative, these community groups also try to teach tolerance and understanding.

Ricardo says that Sociology "brings humanity to higher education" and the Sociology program at Humboldt State changed his life. It helped him to understand the structure of society. With Sociology Ricardo was better able to understand his own life experiences as situated within the particulars of social class and culture.

Ricardo believes that understanding promotes solutions. With a firm grasp of social structure, class systems, and inequalities, Ricardo uses his sociology in working toward solutions to social problems. By pulling from his background and his new sociological perspectives, Ricardo is reaching out to the community to educate and facilitate understanding and tolerance.