BA Capstone Planning

Your capstone experience is the culminating project you complete as you finish your degree in Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies. You will choose between completing a Thesis, an Internship, or a Community Action Research project. Ideally this will be completed during your senior year.

 Pick your capstone path by choosing Community Action Research, Internship, or Senior Thesis.

Students who complete a Community Action Research project are expected to contribute to a team-based research project studying a community issue.  Topics for projects will change each year, based on the expertise of the instructor. This course will build on the skills acquired in both SOC 382: Introduction to Social Research and SOC 372: Proseminar by conducting real research with community partners. This course is ideal for building applied sociological skills.

Students who complete an Internship are expected to work for 90 hours in the community, hopefully for an agency or group whose work aligns with the student’s interests and goals. Students should ideally complete this experience during their senior year, though they will explore their interests and goals in both the SOC 382: Introduction to Social Research course, and the SOC 372: Proseminar course. Students who are interested in planning on an internship, especially if they are interested in completing the work over a summer, should be in contact with the Internship Coordinator in their sophomore or junior year.

For the Senior Thesis, students will choose between an empirical project, or completing an extended literature review, based on an area of interest chosen by the student. These interests are explored and proposals are developed in the SOC 382: Introduction to Social Research course, ideally completed during the student’s junior year. The thesis is completed during the student’s senior year. For students interested in conducting their own research, they will complete an empirical project. Those who wish to perform in-depth analysis of existing research on a topic will complete an extended literature review.