Benjamin Andres, MA 2016

MA Alumni 2016

Research Interests

Sub-Cultures, Popular Culture, Asian Americans Studies, New Media, Teaching 

Before the Program

I finished a BA in Sociology at CSU Sacramento in 2003. I took a little bit of time off before deciding to come back to school. I co-owed a record store, worked a bunch of jobs, and a lot of soul searching. Just before attending grad school I was a robot sitting in a desk scanning documents for 8 hours a day...Not cool. By night I was spinning records for Sacramento's underground music scene. Along with attending grad school at HSU, I'm currently producing music compositions. I like to stay current on music, fashion and culture.

Why HSU Public Sociology

While researching schools to attend, I found that HSU Sociology has a teaching track. Any questions that I had regarding the Sociology program were cordially met with sincerity from faculty and staff. Also, Humboldt is beautiful. The ocean and the forest are steps away.

About HSU Public Sociology

I've always said that Sociology is what cool people study and teach. HSU Sociology proves me right. There are no squares here.

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

I like going to the beach and the forest. There's some good food spots out here too.