Janae Teal, MA 2015

MA Alumni 2015, Graduated With Honors

Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Juvenile Justice, Race, and Education

Education/Career Goals

I would like to be involved in curriculum analysis and/or education policy analysis

Before the Program

Before coming to HSU, I attended Washington State University where I received Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and English. While attending WSU I worked for the Office of Student Involvement as well as the Office of Student Diversity. I was very involved in campus activism and social justice within LGBT communities.


I did my placement work with the National Center for Youth Law (NYCL). As a sociologist who is passionate about the systematic disadvantages that are faced by children in both the education and juvenile justice systems, I could think of no better organization that I would like to work with for my placement. I will be writing a thesis based on this work.

Why HSU Public Sociology

I was first attracted to the fact that the HSU Sociology MA is a terminal Master’s Degree. I am still on the fence about whether I want to attend a PhD program, so this program has given me time to figure that out a bit. Additionally, I was intrigued by the option to get a Master’s in Public Sociology. I am a firm believer in taking the sociological (and research!) skills taught in the classroom, and applying them in the real world. I figured a Public Sociology program would be a great place to start!

About HSU Public Sociology

Everyone that I have worked with is so kind. Alicia (in the Sociology Office) is fantastic! She will make your grad school experience better—I promise! :)

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

Fern Canyon (Outdoor Adventure) and Arcata Scoop (Best Ice Cream. Ever.)

Additional information


Practicing Sociology and Teaching Sociology

Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Juvenile Justice, Race, and Education

Final Product

“Black trans bodies are under attack”: gender non-conforming homicide victims in the U.S. 1995-2014