Sociology Data Analysis Lab Use Policy

Administration and Use Policies

General Resource Information

The Sociology Data Analysis Lab (BSS 304) is a research resource for graduate and undergraduate students working on research projects with the Sociology Department. The lab consists of four machines that are linked to the Internet and host suites of software some which are not available in labs throughout campus. The goal of the lab it to provide access to software for students working on research projects.

Lab software includes:
  • ATLAS/TI External Link, a qualitative data analysis program (text and image)
  • NVivo External Link, a qualitative data analysis program (text)
  • ARCGIS External Link, a spatial analysis program
  • Transcription Software
  • Adobe Dreamweaver External Link: Web design
  • Adobe Photoshop External Link: Graphic design
  • SPSS External Link, a quantitative data analysis program
Sociology Data Lab Rules
  • No eating or drinking in the lab.
  • Do not alter settings or install any software in the lab.
  • You are responsible for saving/backing up all of your work on your own flash drive.
  • Sign up for computer time on the sheets in the lab.
  • Please be considerate regarding noise levels of other working in the lab.
  • Please shut the door while you are working in the lab and when you leave the lab.
  • The lab is not a place for study or discussion groups to meet.
  • Please sign the Data Analysis Use Agreement every semester with the Department Coordinator.
Graduate Lab Access

All enrolled sociology graduate students may obtain access to the Sociology Data Lab. The graduate student should sign the Data Lab Use Agreement document, available from the Department Office, before a key card is ordered. This document is valid for the current academic year so long as there are no rule changes or usage violations have occurred. Once the agreement is signed the department will order a key, which they will retrieve from Plant Operations.

Undergraduate Lab Access

Students enrolled in upper division Sociology classes (300 and 400 level classes) are eligible to use the Sociology Data lab for the following types of analyses: qualitative analysis using the NVIVO or Atlas/TI software and or spatial analysis using ArcGIS software. The reasoning behind this is that access to these types of software on campus is limited.

Undergraduates wishing access to the lab, should submit a one page research abstract to the Lab Manager, Josh Meisel, via e-mail at Email Envelope Imagethat indicates

  1. topic of their project and;
  2. data analysis needs of their project;
  3. explanation of software needs

The lab manager will review this material within one week. If the request is approved the Lab Manager will notify the department coordinator and the student that they have been approved. Students will then be expected to meet with the Lab Coordinator to sign the Data Lab Use Agreement document before a key card is ordered. Students will pick up the keys at Plant Operations.

Sociology Data Analysis Lab Contact Information

To report technical problems please contact Department Coordinator, Alicia Persson, Department of Sociology, phone ext. 3139, E-mail: Email Image

For questions regarding policy and/or resource availability please contact Lab Manager, Josh Meisel at, Email Envelope Image or at ext 4446.

For questions regarding how to use software, please use the online course tutorials associated with each of the programs. Additionally, you can take research courses offered by the Department of Sociology to gain experience using the various software.