Staff and Faculty

HSU Department of Sociology
Organizational Assignments 2012-13

Staff Positions

Administrative Support Coordinator

Alicia Persson


Administrative Support Assistant

 Jyll Jackson

Student Assistants

Anthony Valdez, Elmer Rodriguez, Patrice Watkins, Alex Rivera




Department Officers  

Department Chair

Mary Virnoche

Graduate Coordinator:
Practicing and Teaching Masters Programs
(Recruitment, Selection, Orientation,

Josh Meisel



Department Service – Committees

Budget Committee (elected)

Mary Virnoche
Josh Meisel
Alicia Persson


Curriculum & Assessment Committee (elected)

Currently operating as committee of the whole: Mary Virnoche, Chair facilitating

Data Analysis Lab & Research IT Coordinator

Josh Meisel

Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR)

Jennifer Eichstedt, Editor

Institutes & Facilities Committee

Judith Little
Sam Oliner
Betsy Watson
Alicia Persson

Library Liaison

Mary Virnoche


Personnel Committee Part I (elected)- Lecturer, Part Time Pool, Annual Evaluations, temp faculty evals



Sing Chew
Jennifer Eichstedt, Chair
Mary Virnoche


Sociology Student Association Advisor
(Fall & Spring All-Department Socials
And Graduation Planning)

Mary Virnoche

Related Research Institutes

The Altruistic Personality and Prosocial Behavior Institute

Sam Oliner, Director
Jennifer Eichstedt, Associate Director

California Center for Rural Policy

Sheila Steinberg, Director
Community Research

Center for Applied Social Analysis and Education (CASAE)

Judith Little, Director

Institute for Study of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ISADR)

Betsy Watson, Co-Director
Tasha Souza, Co-Director
Department of Communication