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Criminology and Justice Studies (undergraduate)

CRIM 125: Introduction to Criminology and Justice Studies
CRIM 225S: Inequalities and Crime (Service Learning Course)
CRIM 433: Punishment and Justice

Sociology (undergraduate)

Sociology 104: Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 201: Social Issues and Action
Sociology 282L: Sociological Statistics Lab
Sociology 302: Forests and Culture
Sociology 303: Race and Inequality
Sociology 305: Sociology of the Modern World
Sociology 306: The Changing Family
Sociology 308: Sociology of Altruism
Sociology 310: Sociological Theory
Sociology 316: Gender and Society
Sociology 320: Social Ecology
Sociology 330: Social Deviance
Sociology 345: New Media and Society
Sociology 350: Social Movements
Sociology 363: Environmental Crime
Sociology 370: Environmental Inequality & Globalization
Sociology 382: Introduction to Social Research
Sociology 410: Contemporary Social Theory
Sociology 411: Popular Culture
Sociology 430: Criminology (retired - now CRIM 125)
Sociology 431: Juvenile Delinquency
Sociology 475: Community Organizing
Sociology 492: Senior Project
Sociology 494: Professional Development Workshop

Sociology (Graduate)

Sociology 535: Dispute Resolution
Sociology 560: Teaching Sociology
Sociology 584: Qualitative Research Methods
Sociology 590: Practicing Sociology
Sociology 610: Contemporary Social Theory
Sociology 650: Race, Ethnicity and Gender
Sociology 680: Community, Ecology and Social Activism

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