Forty-Sixth Annual
State of Jefferson Mathematics Congress
October 6-8, 2017
Whiskeytown Lake, CA


Dynamic Graphs, Continuous Functions, and Fixed Cycles by Martha Byrne, Sonoma State University.

We look at how a different way to graph functions gives insight into function behavior and helps identify periodic points – where xi +1 = f (xi ) and xn = x1 for some n. This discussion of periodic points leads us to a surprising result about the existence of periodic points for continuous functions and their periods.

Conway's Rational Tangles by Corey Shanbrom, Sacramento State University.

As an undergraduate student, John Conway developed the concept of a tangle as the basic building block for knots, and he gave a correspondence between certain tangles and the rational numbers. In this interactive demonstration, we use two ropes and four students to create these tangles and explore their properties. Participants are asked to determine the arithmetic meaning of certain physical operations, and to find an algorithm for untangling an arbitrary tangle. Time permitting, we discuss the relationship with more advanced mathematical objects, such as the modular group PSL(2, Z).

Discussion Under the Oaks — Enhancing Teaching Introductory Statistics led by Kenneth Davis, Joseph Reid, and Terri Torres, Oregon Institute of Technology.

Introductory Statistics can be a challenging but enjoyable class to teach. Ensuring students have a strong understanding of the material from a statistical point of view is difficult. Our discussion covers issues such as: should we require students to perform lengthy calculations by hand; using computer simulations to demonstrate and teach various distributions and statistical methods; keeping departments happy who may not know statistics or expect us to teach too much; invite the development of a database of interesting articles for our students that use methods similar to those we teach; why many of the methods we teach are out of date; cover suggestions by professional mathematical and statistical societies regarding content which should be in an introductory statistics class; and how to make introductory statistics classes more fun to teach and earn higher student evaluations.



Kyle Falbo Col. of the Redwoods
Francisco Martínez CSU Chico
Karina Zamacona CSU Chico
LaDawn Haws CSU Chico
Nikita Barneta CSU Chico
Steve Samons CSU Chico
Thomas Mattman CSU Chico
Amanda Coleman CSUS
Andres Anlas Salmon CSUS
Brandon Tich CSUS
Corey Shanbrom CSUS
Diego Vera CSUS
Ian Luttrell CSUS
James Guilas CSUS
Amanda George HSU
Amanda Hemingway HSU
Briana Ramirez HSU
Christina Herring HSU
Ditza Guerra HSU
Emma Collins HSU
Jeff Haag HSU
Ken Yanosko HSU
Kylie Reich HSU
Mark Cliffe HSU
Paul George HSU
Dibyajiyoti Deb OIT
Jim Fischer OIT
Joseph Reid OIT
Ken Davis OIT
Terri Torres OIT
Tiernan Fogarty OIT
Ariana SOU
Jeff Morgan SOU
Joe Collins SOU
Kemble Yates SOU
Larry Shrewsbury SOU
Mo Pfeifer SOU
Thomas Burns SOU
Adrianna Sigala SSU
Amanda Weddle SSU
Ben Ford SSU
Carol Keig SSU
Crystal Salas SSU
Elaine Newman SSU
Gary Cline SSU
Izabela Kanaane SSU
Jillian Kimzey SSU
Joseph C. McGuire SSU
Maddalena Heisler SSU
Martha Byrne SSU
Natalie Hobson SSU
Rick Luttmann SSU
Sam Brannen SSU
Sunil Tiwari SSU
Andrew Dynneson