Spring Preview 2013

Have I completed registration for Spring Preview?

Online registration is open from February 2016-March 23, 2016, you will know if you have completed registration as the system will prompt you for payment and a final confirmation page will show. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address that you supply during that process. If you attempt to reserve your space at Spring Preview outside of these dates, you will see that the system is closed and you should consider being a walk-in registrant. Please read that FAQ below to learn more.

Is Spring Preview mandatory for all prospective students?

No. Spring Preview is our annual Open House and a chance for students and guests to explore Humboldt State University. This is a perfect opportunity to truly experience our remarkable University. If you can't wait for Spring Preview, or if you miss it, we have student-guided tours Monday through Saturday. Email the Admissions Center at: welcome@humboldt.edu or call toll-free (866) 850-9556 to arrange your personal campus visit.

Spring Preview is not a substitute for the freshmen HOP orientation or the transfer HOOP orientation.

Anyone interested in Spring Preview is welcome to attend. You can sign-up even if you're not applying to colleges yet. Friends and family members of interested students are always welcome. We'd love to see you!

I'm registered for Spring Preview if I registered for Orientation, right?

No. Orientation and Spring Preview are two different events. Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students and you will receive communications about those programs. Spring Preview requires a separate registration and payment in order to attend the event.

I missed the online registration window. Can I attend as a walk-in at the event?

Yes. If you are unable to register before the event you are welcome to check-in at the on-site registration table. It is highly recommended to register online before the event. Please be patient with us as wait times for walk-ins may be lengthy.

I'm only planning on being in Arcata on Saturday. Are there still things to do?

Yes! Spring Preview is a Friday event only, but we will be offering campus tours and there's always lots to explore and do in Humboldt County on the weekends.

What if I can't make it to Preview, can I schedule an appointment to visit?

Yes! If you can't wait for Spring Preview, or if you miss it, we have student-guided tours Monday through Saturday. Email the Admissions Center at: welcome@humboldt.edu or call toll-free (866) 850-9556 to arrange your personal campus visit.

If I register and cannot attend, can I receive a refund?

No. Unfortunately refunds are not available.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost is $15 per person with a maximum charge of $45.

Where can I park during the two days? Is it free?

Parking will be free for all Preview visitors throughout campus on Friday with a parking permit. The parking permit will not be available until one week prior to the event. It will be emailed to all registrants and we will use the email address that you inputted in the reservation system. Please visit our transportation page to print your parking permit. Parking permit must be visibly displayed on your dashboard. Please park in the General/Staff parking lots or at any university parking meter.

Do you provide transportation or lodging?

No. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging off-campus. Please see our "maps/transportation" and "lodging" pages for some helpful links.

What do I need to bring to Spring Preview?

Consider wearing comfortable walking shoes, layered clothing since weather may vary, a jacket/umbrella, and your camera!

What weather is expected during Spring Preview?

We don't know! Follow your favorite weather source or click on the "Arcata Weather" link right before the event . Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to pack.

Can I stay on-campus during my visit?

No. Our residence halls are completely full with current HSU students. There are many hotels/motels in our area for guests to stay. Please check out the "Lodging" link for a complete list of options.

Can I register for classes at Spring Preview?

No. Spring Preview is an Open House for admitted students. Registration will occur as part of Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP) in June and August. If you have been admitted to HSU for Fall 2016, you will be getting more information by email about this program. At Spring Preview, you get to have a sneak peek at our registration process and to confirm you intent to enroll, which will allow you to sign up for our orientation and getting you that much closer to registering for your classes in June!

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

The Office of Admissions at 866.850.9556 or email us at hsupreview@humboldt.edu