Reporting Options

Survivors of sexual violence choose to file or not file a report for many different reasons. There is no one right choice. If you would like to talk to someone first about what is involved in the various processes of reporting, the North Coast Rape Crisis Team is available 24 hours a day at (707) 445-2881. Advocates are also available to accompany you if you choose to make a report to UPD, the Student Conduct System, or the appropriate law enforcement agency. HSU's Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is also available 24 hours a day at (707) 826-3236

If you decide to file a report or a complaint, the process is different depending on where the assault occurred. If the sexual assault occurred on campus, a report would be made to the University Police Department. If the assault occurred off-campus, report would be made to the city or county agency that has jurisdiction in the area where the assault occurred.

Anonymous Reports

  • Anonymous Reports exist for the purpose of collecting statistical information that can increase awareness of the number of incidents of sexual assault that occur on campus.
  • Anonymous Reports will not initiate a police investigation. Due to anonymity, UPD cannot follow up with the survivor or offer services.
  • The identity of the survivor will not be known to UPD and the suspect will not be notified that a report was filed.
  • If you choose to reveal your identity to UPD, you may still request that your report be kept confidential. Your name will not be printed on the report and your identity will not be disclosed to the public. (Your name will be provided confidentially to the District Attorney’s Office if prosecution is sought and if a SART exam is completed, the examination forms also contain the survivor’s name, though these are not searchable by the public.)
  • To file an anonymous report, you can contact the HSU Police Department in the following ways:
    • Click on the Anonymous Tips link in order to file an anonymous report electronically.
    • Contact by mail at:
    • University Police
      1 Harpst St
      Arcata, CA 95521
    • Email:
    • Make an on-campus phone call to 9-1-1, if you are reporting a current emergency
    • Call the UPD business line: (707) 826-5555
  • To file an anonymous report with a local law enforcement agency, you can call the office and let them know that an incident of sexual assault or rape occurred.

Filing a Police Report

  • To file a police report, contact the law enforcement agency where the assault occurred.
  • Once a police report has been filed, the police agency will determine the level of the investigation based on the circumstances and the extent to which the survivor interested in participating. The decision to prosecute belongs to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office.
  • A SART exam may be ordered to collect evidence. Read about the exam on this website or contact the North Coast Rape Crisis Team at (707) 445-2881 to discuss your options or ask any questions.
  • California law states that complainants of sexual assault have the right to state their name as "Jane Doe" or "John Doe" as a protection of their identity for paperwork that will be filed. Criminal court records would only reflect the name "Jane Doe" or "John Doe" and this name would be used when the survivor is testifying. However, the defendant/perpetrator will be able to see the survivor as the defendant has the right to see their accuser.
  • Whether or not your case is investigated and/or prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office, if you can identify the perpetrator, you can file your own lawsuit in civil court to seek remedy or damages by hiring your own attorney.

Campus Disciplinary Options

  • If you would like to explore accountability processes through the Student Conduct System, you may meet with a Student Conduct Administrator to discuss your options.
  • Student Rights & Responsibilities,
    Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
    Nelson Hall East 216
    (707) 826-3361


  • If you experienced sexual assault or harassment that occurred on campus, involved other members of the campus community, or affects your safety on campus in any way, you may file a complaint.
  • Humboldt State University is responsible for creating a safe environment for students, staff and faculty.
  • If you are concerned about disclosing your identity, California law states that complainants of sexual assault have the right to state their name as "Jane Doe" or "John Doe" as a protection of their identity for paperwork that will be filed.

If you are a student, contact any of the following people or offices:

If you are a faculty or staff member, contact any of the following people or offices:

Off-campus resources that may be of assistance: