Student Financial Services is the central location for cashiering and financial aid accounting services to students.

HSU Short-term Loan Policy

Humboldt State offers emergency, short-term loans to students to serve as a temporary bridge until the student can gain access to their regular source of funds. These emergency, short-term loans are to help students with school related expenses. Emergency, short-term loans are a privilege to the student and can be denied to any student who is not in good standing with the University.


Student Eligibility

An HSU student must meet a minimum of eligibility requirements to obtain an emergency, short-term loan.

  1. Must be a regularly admitted HSU student and must be enrolled in the regular state-supported, instructional university classes for at least 1 regular unit in the current term. Extended Education/Extension students are not eligible.
  2. Must submit their application for a Short-term loan in person to the Student Financial Services Office.
  3. Must have paid off all debt owed to HSU and all other short-term loans.
  4. Must not have already received a $500 short-term loan for the admitted term. (Students are eligible to receive multiple short-term loans per term, but the total amount of the loans must not exceed $500 per term.) HSU recognizes that extenuating circumstance can arise so exceptions may be authorized by the AVP for Business Services.

Emergency, Short-term Loan Amounts

  1. Emergency, short-term loans are available for a minimum of $50 and up to a maximum of $500. Exception may be authorized by the AVP for Business Services.
  2. Students who are signed up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) will have their short-term loan funds deposited to their bank account within two business days after processing is complete. For all others, checks are available according to the posted schedule and can usually be picked up in the Cashier’s Office within five business days after processing is complete.

Short-term Loan Due Date Extension and Repayment

  1. Short-term loans must be repaid to Humboldt State University at the Student Financial Service’s Cashiers Office or on-line within the Student Center.
  2. A $25 late fee will be charge on any short-term loan not paid in full or extended after 4:00pm of the day in which it is due. No extensions are possible on past due loans, (no exception). If you are past due on one or more loans with the same due date, you will be charged a total late fee of $25. If you are past due on one or more loans with different due dates, you will be charged a $25 late fee for each delinquent loan.
  3. A one-time 4-week extension is available to student with short-term loans, if:
    • the extension is negotiated prior to the due date and time, except for loans due after the last day of the Spring semester - no extensions during the Summer, and
    • the student pays a minimum of 10% of the loan prior to becoming past due.


  • Short-term loans will be available starting 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes of the fall or spring term and end on the last day of scheduled classes for the semester.
  • Short-term loans are not available during the summer term.
  • If a student is not enrolled in the subsequent term when submitting an application, the due date of that loan will be the last day of the current term.