Frequently Asked Questions

I was involved in an incident and was told I had to come to Student Affairs or I received a letter from Student Affairs what does this mean?

Student Rights & Responsibilities receives referrals from all over campus including Residence Life, Faculty and Staff. If you receive a notice from Student Affairs you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for a meeting. We are located in 216 Nelson Hall East and our number is 707-826-3361.

When a referral is received our office reviews the violation and determines if it is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. If a violation is determined you will need to schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of Student Rights & Responsibilities or the Dean of Students for a hearing.

What happens in a meeting?

A meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss the incident with the Student Rights & Responsibilities or Dean of Students. Meetings are usually scheduled for thirty minutes. You will be able to present any relevant information, evidence or witnesses. Decisions will take into account honesty, cooperation, preponderance of evidence and your disciplinary history.

Can I obtain a copy of my report?

Absolutely. You are entitled to request and receive a copy of your disciplinary file. You may submit a request to Student Rights & Responsibilities. To maintain confidentiality all information regarding other involved individuals will be omitted.

Can my parents access my disciplinary file?

Record and files creating during the disciplinary process are "Education Records" under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and are generally protected from production to third parties without written consent from the student involved in the disciplinary process. Failure to comply with FERPA may result in loss of federal funding for a college campus.

Can I bring someone with me to my meeting?

Students may bring someone to the meeting for support and advice. However, under university policy students may not bring an attorney into the meeting or hearing with you. You may consult with an attorney before or after the proceedings. When you invite someone to a meeting you have provided authorization for that person to hear information regarding the incident in question.

What happens if I fail to attend a scheduled meeting or contact the office?

If a student fails to attend a meeting or comply with a sanction a hold will be placed on a student’s record. The hold will not allow students to add or drop classes, or obtain transcripts.

What is Executive Order 970?

Remember it is your right to due process. Executive Order 970 (PDF, req. Adobe Reader) contains the student conduct procedure for the California State University system. All 23 CSU campuses must afford students due process as established in Executive Order 970.

If I am accused of academic dishonesty will I be contacted by the office of Student Rights & Responsibilities?

When you are accused of plagiarism or academic dishonesty you will have to meet with a office of Student Rights & Responsibilities staff member. If you are found responsible you maybe placed on disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion.

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