Office of Sustainability

Behavior Change

Energy Reductions using Cold Water for Laundry

The purpose of this project was to design an energy reduction program for residence hall laundry facilities. The project group worked to set the framework for such a program, including planning methods for collecting baseline data and monitoring program progress.

Zero Waste Efforts in Arcata, CA

This project is an exploration of zero waste efforts in Arcata, CA. We prepared a survey for residents, which was conducted with an iPad outside five grocery stores throughout the city. The survey has nine simple questions about personal practices concerning waste habits.

Compostable Utensil Evaluation and Feasibility Report for Humboldt State University

Plastic poses environmental, health and social impacts from everyday use of products. In this paper we have identified the main sources of cutlery options and evaluated the associated environmental impacts of silverware, plastic, bio-plastic, and wooden utensils.

A Proposal for a Sustainable Residence Hall Complex at Humboldt State University

A new residence hall complex is planned to be built within the next five years in order to accommodate the expected increase in Humboldt State University’s student population. Any building constructed on CSU campuses must be built to basic LEED™ standards.

Promoting Alternative Transportation at HSU

This paper compared different activities that would to encourage behavior change to alternative means of transportation to and from campus. With the goals of doubling the amount of carpooling, increasing public transportation ridership, and decreasing parking permit sales.

Motivation for Sustainable Behavior on Campus

This report explores different strategies to encourage student and faculty to adopt everyday sustainable practices. As a way to reduce waste a month long trial of E-points or Environmental Points was implemented in all campus food service location.
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