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Built Environment

Are Mitigation Measures being followed for Mill Creek?

As part of a mitigation settlement for the development of the Mill Creek Shopping Center, in McKinleyville, CA, several measures to decrease pollution impacts to the adjacent creek (Mill creek) were agreed to by the land developer, in addition to setting aside nine acres of adjacent land for permane

Lighting Standards: Recommendations for Humboldt State University

Humboldt State University spends almost $3 million annually on energy to serve over 7000 students, staff and faculty. Energy efficient lighting upgrades are the most easily attainable and cost-effective objectives for reducing energy consumption on campus.

HSU Forestry Parking Lot Sediment Runoff Assessment

The goal of this project is to reduce the annual sediment yields of HSU's forestry tool cleaning area as much as technically feasible as well as devise new ways to eliminate sediment runoff from the forestry building parking lot into campus runoff by designing new infrastructure.

Native Plant Habitat Restoration on Humboldt State University Campus

This group hoped to increase habitat for native vegetation across campus to not only improve the aesthetic quality of campus but decrease maintenance.

Humboldt State University Educational Vegetation Proposal

Project looks at the need for increased educational opportunities with respect to campus landscaping at Humboldt State University.

Campus Landscape as Urban Silviculture

Project looks at the characteristics and maintenance requirements of urban lanscapes with particular attention paid to the campus of Humboldt State University. Topics addressed include site characteristics, uncontrolled growth, nutrient cycles and a demonstration site on campus.

Sustainable Townhouses

Development of environmentaly concious and sustainable alternatives for the design and construction of a proposed housing development in the community of Arcata, California.

Humboldt State University Fish Hatchery Elementary Education Program

Project looks at the on campus Humboldt State University freshwater fish hatchery and its possible increased use as an educational tool with particular attention paid to elementary education.

Greywater Marsh Project Proposal

General research into the design for a greywater treatment marsh to be implemented on-site at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) at Humboldt State University.

Sustainable Campus: The Future Opportunities of Certified Wood for Humboldt State University

Development of resources to help understand how Humboldt State University decides what kinds of wood products to use in on campus construction products. Project also attemps to address issues of sustainable wood product use and raise awareness among the campus community.


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