Office of Sustainability


Energy Reductions using Cold Water for Laundry

The purpose of this project was to design an energy reduction program for residence hall laundry facilities. The project group worked to set the framework for such a program, including planning methods for collecting baseline data and monitoring program progress.

Arcata CCA Feasibility Study

During the study community choice aggregation (CCA) was researched as a stand alone option for Arcata, a joint program between Arcata and Sonoma, and a joint program between Arcata and Marin.

Lighting Standards: Recommendations for Humboldt State University

Humboldt State University spends almost $3 million annually on energy to serve over 7000 students, staff and faculty. Energy efficient lighting upgrades are the most easily attainable and cost-effective objectives for reducing energy consumption on campus.

Energy Analysis: HSU's Natural History Museum

The goal of this analysis is to provide HSU's Plant Operations Department with a concise analysis of feasible options for off-setting the energy currently being purchased from PG&E at HSU's Natural HIstory Museum.

Student Powered Recreation Center

Research into the integration of exercise equipment designed to generate electrical power through human usage at the student recreation center at Humboldt State University.

Sustainable Townhouses

Development of environmentaly concious and sustainable alternatives for the design and construction of a proposed housing development in the community of Arcata, California.

Energy Resource Guide Project

Project helps the Redwood Coast Energy Athority (RCEA) with development of an informational guide available to the public in an effort to improve resources for those wanting to become more energy efficient and reduce overall consumption.

Sunnybrae Middle School: Heating System Options

Project looks at a problematic and ineffiecient heating system in place at Sunnybrae Middle School, and analyzes suggested improvements alernatives using final comparisons.

Energy Education in Schools Project

Brief look into methods to improve energy education in local schools, with particular attention to grades k-8. Document contains discussions of energy education importance and suggested strategies to improve local educational efforts in such areas.

Post Carbon Humboldt County, CA: Biophysical Research for Humboldt Outpost Group

Development of an inventory for the biopysical and environmental resources of Humboldt County including water, soils, hydrology, wind, solar and energy.


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