Office of Sustainability


Compostable Utensil Evaluation and Feasibility Report for Humboldt State University

Plastic poses environmental, health and social impacts from everyday use of products. In this paper we have identified the main sources of cutlery options and evaluated the associated environmental impacts of silverware, plastic, bio-plastic, and wooden utensils.

Local Foods & Humboldt State University

The overarching goal of this project is to place Humboldt State University within the context of the local food movement.

Zero Waste at Arcata Plaza Events

The goal is to make events on the Arcata Plaza zero waste by January 2014. Objectives for this goal include reducing the amount of compostable waste by 10%, reducing recycling and landfill waste by 50% and reducing the amount of recycling and landfill waste from all events by 90%.

Ethical Eating

Brief look at the production and consumption characteristics of modern food cycles. Document contains brief discussions on food production ethics, consumption habits/ choices and the link between producer and consumer in the modern world.

Sustainable food for Students Organic Gardening for Humboldt State University

Brief look into the possible implementation of a educational garden to be located behind the student recreation center on the campus of Humboldt State University. Project contains discussions of environmental education, example garden benefits, organic gardening, plant species and garden design.

Arcata House Garden Project

Project involves student design and site implementation of a low maintenance garden space for the transitional living facility, the Arcata House. Garden design includes the use of primarily perrenial plant species, integrated community gathering space for residants and a basic maintenance guide.

HSU Organic Coffee Project

Project looks at the types of coffee that are offered on the campus of Humboldt State University and attemps to raise awareness and campus procurement of organic, fair trade and sustainably produced coffee products.

Edible Landscaping at Humboldt State University

Project continues efforts to improve and increase awareness of edible landscapes on the campus of Humboldt State University. Particular attention is paid to maintenance of previous sites, reparing site infrastructure and creating informational signs of plants and their uses.

Mushrooms for the Campus Center for Approriate Technology

Research into the possibility of an onsite mushroom project for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) at Humboldt State University. Document contains discussions of appropriate species for growth, site characteristics and benefits of such a project.

Humboldt State University Community Agriculture Opportunities

Project addresses the need for service-learning based educational opportunities centered around community agriculture for students of Humboldt State University.


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