Office of Sustainability


Sustainable Procurement

Humboldt State University is renowned for its investment sustainability and eco-friendliness. However, this ideology has not yet penetrated the procurement office, so we have set forth guidelines for a more sustainable procurement model.

Purchasing Group: Recycled Paper Project

Project looks into the procurement policy of Humboldt State University with particular respect to printing paper used on campus. Project contains discussions university policy, recycled papers and pertinent legislation.

Sustainable Bookstore Project

Project develops methods to improve procurement decisions and operations at the Humboldt State University campus bookstore in efforts to increase sustainable habits.

HSU Organic Coffee Project

Project looks at the types of coffee that are offered on the campus of Humboldt State University and attemps to raise awareness and campus procurement of organic, fair trade and sustainably produced coffee products.

Green Cleaning

Project addresses issues regarding the use of toxic/ environmentally harmful cleaning products on the campus of Humboldt State University.
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