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Are Mitigation Measures being followed for Mill Creek?

As part of a mitigation settlement for the development of the Mill Creek Shopping Center, in McKinleyville, CA, several measures to decrease pollution impacts to the adjacent creek (Mill creek) were agreed to by the land developer, in addition to setting aside nine acres of adjacent land for permane

Daylighting McFarlan Creek

Our project provides a combination of restoration and education by employing research in the science field.

Oak Woodlands: The Importance of Prescribed Burns in Restoration

Oak woodlands are declining throughout California, particularly in Humboldt County, due to the effects of fire suppression. Fire suppression is allowing competing vegetation, particularly conifers, to encroach upon oak woodland stands, eventually out competing them.

Salt Marsh Carbon Sequestration: a Baseline Study

Coastal wetlands, including salt marshes, have the potential to sequester vast amounts of carbon and store it over decennial and multi-millennial timescales.

Pseudacris regilla in the Dow's Prairie Educational Wetland: Exploring Reasons behind Pacific Chorus Frog Population Decline

This project focused on the population decline of Pseudacris regilla (Pacific chorus frog) in the Dow’s Prairie Educational Wetland. Background research was done in order to determine possible reasons behind this decline. Soil and water samples were also tested for contamination.

Natural Resources Building Redwood Native Plant Habitat Restoration at Humboldt State University

The Natural Resources building at Humboldt State University serves as a hub for students involved in the Environmental Protection and Environmental Science programs.

Native Landscaping Comprehensive Report

For our Capstone Project, we worked with The Friends of the Dunes (FOD) to collect information and data about the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center’s (HCNC) natural landscaping program to compile into a living document.

Mitigation Banking at Jacoby Creek Land Trust

The Jacoby Creek, located in Bayside California, is the site for the proposed mitigation bank. The site was home to logging for several decades, which has altered some of the landscape and surrounding wildlife.

Identifying Priority Invasive Species and Areas within the HSU Campus

Humboldt State University (HSU) is often characterized as having and encouraging an environmentally conscious culture. However, these attitudes are not reflected in the campus landscaping which is housing many of the known invasive plants of California.

Application of the California Rapid Assessment Method on Strawberry Creek

The objective of this project is to establish baseline information for restoration efforts of wetland health and to improve and standardize the CRAM modules applicable to floating mat wetlands located in Orick, CA.


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