Office of Sustainability

Sustainable Design

A Proposal for a Sustainable Residence Hall Complex at Humboldt State University

A new residence hall complex is planned to be built within the next five years in order to accommodate the expected increase in Humboldt State University’s student population. Any building constructed on CSU campuses must be built to basic LEED™ standards.


The goal of the project is to create a comprehensive plan for sustainable lighting on campus.

Disposal Methods of European Beachgrass at the Friends of the Dunes

Friends of the dunes is actively removing European beach grass on their property, however they have not found a suitable disposal method that fits their purpose and need. In our study we have quantified the amount of biomass and embedded energy they have available on their property.

Improving the LK Wood Boulevard Median Landscaping to Promote Sustainability at Humboldt State University

This paper investigates landscaping alternatives for the medians along LK Wood Blvd that would not require as much fertilizer, watering, or labor as the current lawn. This group is also considering options that would be compatible with the campus ascetic requirements.
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