Office of Sustainability


University Travel Emissions Auditing Project

Capstone project analyzing the contemporary and historic greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation associated with Humboldt State University. Sought to foster compliance with California Assembly Bill 32 and CSU Executive Order 987.

Bicycle Friendly University

This project evaluates the bike friendliness of Humboldt State University (HSU) through the lens of the Bicycle Friendly University certification.

Creating a Formailzed Carpool System at HSU

This group's goal was to reduce GHG emissions by 100,000 pounds and get 100 rides shared by 2013 through the implementation of a formalized carpool system at HSU.

Promoting Alternative Transportation at HSU

This paper compared different activities that would to encourage behavior change to alternative means of transportation to and from campus. With the goals of doubling the amount of carpooling, increasing public transportation ridership, and decreasing parking permit sales.

Parking Services Carbon Reduction

This project seeks to set the groundwork for the implementation of strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of the parking services at Humboldt State University.

Saving the BLC

The main problem standing in the way of the BLC reaching its goal is that it lacks the necessary funding needed.

Sustainable Transportation at HSU

Brief development of methods to increase public awarness and usage of alternative transportation resources available to Humbolt State University students and faculty. Project includes the formation of the transportation club at HSU.

B Street Project

Research into methods to improve both pedetrian and bicycle safety along B street in Arcata, California. Methods covered in report include widening of side-walks, parking removal and traffic blockage.

Sustainable Transportation Senior Project

Project looks at the transportation situation on the camous of Humboldt State University, with particular attention paid to single occupancy vehicle usage and efforts to improve alternative transportation options.

Bicycling Signage at Humboldt State University

Development of methods to raise bicycling awareness and improve informational signage around the campus of Humbodt State University. Project contains methods for additional bicycling parking, website development and signage implementation.


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