Office of Sustainability


Zero Waste Efforts in Arcata, CA

This project is an exploration of zero waste efforts in Arcata, CA. We prepared a survey for residents, which was conducted with an iPad outside five grocery stores throughout the city. The survey has nine simple questions about personal practices concerning waste habits.

Compostable Utensil Evaluation and Feasibility Report for Humboldt State University

Plastic poses environmental, health and social impacts from everyday use of products. In this paper we have identified the main sources of cutlery options and evaluated the associated environmental impacts of silverware, plastic, bio-plastic, and wooden utensils.

Energy Analysis: HSU's Natural History Museum

The goal of this analysis is to provide HSU's Plant Operations Department with a concise analysis of feasible options for off-setting the energy currently being purchased from PG&E at HSU's Natural HIstory Museum.

Paper Reuse Project

The goal is to reduce the amount of paper waste on campus by adopting sustainable cradle to cradle processes.

Zero Waste at Arcata Plaza Events

The goal is to make events on the Arcata Plaza zero waste by January 2014. Objectives for this goal include reducing the amount of compostable waste by 10%, reducing recycling and landfill waste by 50% and reducing the amount of recycling and landfill waste from all events by 90%.

Disposal Methods of European Beachgrass at the Friends of the Dunes

Friends of the dunes is actively removing European beach grass on their property, however they have not found a suitable disposal method that fits their purpose and need. In our study we have quantified the amount of biomass and embedded energy they have available on their property.

Electronic Waste at Humboldt State University

This report investigates receptacles and locations for encouraging and educating about diverting electronic waste from the main waste stream.

Social Marketing of the Redirection of HSU's Waste Stream

Many campus community members are unclear as to what is compostable, whit is recyclable, and what is truly trash.

WRRAP Compost End Use and Education on Campus

Since the 1970's Humboldt State University has been aware of the need for waste reduction measures in order to save money on waste transportation and landfill fees. One step to reduce our waste stream was the establishment of the Waste Reduction and Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP).

The R.O.S.E. Project

Development of methods to increase awareness and efficiency of operations at the Reusable Office Supply Exchange program site on the campus of Humboldt State University.


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