Office of Sustainability


Pseudacris regilla in the Dow's Prairie Educational Wetland: Exploring Reasons behind Pacific Chorus Frog Population Decline

This project focused on the population decline of Pseudacris regilla (Pacific chorus frog) in the Dow’s Prairie Educational Wetland. Background research was done in order to determine possible reasons behind this decline. Soil and water samples were also tested for contamination.

HSU Forestry Parking Lot Sediment Runoff Assessment

The goal of this project is to reduce the annual sediment yields of HSU's forestry tool cleaning area as much as technically feasible as well as devise new ways to eliminate sediment runoff from the forestry building parking lot into campus runoff by designing new infrastructure.

Restoration of a Degraded Riparian Area in an Urban Watershed: Fish Renewal One Stream at a Time

This groups is investigating restoration of Widow White Creek in McKinleyville, CA. This project was carried out with the primary goal of continuing ongoing restoration efforts by removing invasive species and litter and encouraging native vegetation, plant diversity, and canopy cover.

Rainwater Catchment Proposal

This project investigates the possibility of implementing water catchment on campus to provide non potable water for WRRAP to use to maintain compost. This group tries to evaluate water demand, possible locations for catchment system, and other components, and barriers to this system.

Redwood Creek National Watershed Center's Region of Focus

Development of suggested region of focus for the Redwood Creek National Watershed Center located in the former Prairie Creek Fish Hatchery near orick California. Document includes resources for watershed terminology, suggested regions of focus, and hydrologic maps of California.

CCAT Wash 'n' Flush

Project address the issue of water usage and develops a functional design for a toilet which utilizes water from an attached wash basin to fill and flush the toilet at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) at Humboldt State University.

HSU: Takes Back the Tap 2009

Student lead campaign to promote local water resources and decrease the amount of single-use water bottles used on and around Humboldt State University. Document conatins discussions of campaign goals, issues surrounding bottled water, local water resources and campus support.

Tap That! HSU Takes Back the Tap

Continuation of student lead campaign to promote local water resources and reduce overall usage of disposable/ single use plastic water bottles on and around the campus of Humboldt State University.

Turbidity Testing in Freshwater Creek with Salmon Forever

Project continues ongoing water quality assessment of Freshwater Creek and its tributaries with particular respect to turbidity and suspended sediment loads.

Loleta Greywater Problem

Design project to develop a greywater treatment system for a single family household in Loleta, CA. Project outlines design components, site characteristics, quantified water usage, and general information regarding greywater treatment.


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