Office of Sustainability

Application of the California Rapid Assessment Method on Strawberry Creek

The objective of this project is to establish baseline information for restoration efforts of wetland health and to improve and standardize the CRAM modules applicable to floating mat wetlands located in Orick, CA.
Problem Statement: 
Strawberry Creek is a unique wetland where three tributaries meet in an alluvial fan from its headwaters, forming an extensive mat before it empties into the lower reaches of Redwood Creek Slough. The assessment of this area is an important factor for future restoration plans by interested stakeholders to improve fish passage and coho rearing habitat. The authors of the CRAM method have not developed a module for floating mat wetlands, like Strawberry Creek, so the CRAM modules used were customized to be applicable for the floating mat wetland.
Charles Brown, Nathan Hancock, Jean-Paul Ponte
Course Code: 
ENVS 410
Richard Hansis
fall 2012
Humboldt State University