Office of Sustainability

A Proposal for a Sustainable Residence Hall Complex at Humboldt State University

A new residence hall complex is planned to be built within the next five years in order to accommodate the expected increase in Humboldt State University’s student population. Any building constructed on CSU campuses must be built to basic LEED™ standards. However, we propose striving for the highest LEED™ standards that are financially viable. This proposal suggests cost effective features which can be easily incorporated into the design of the building which can greatly reduce the amount of energy and water consumed. This proposal also incorporates a strong educational and social program for sustainable living to complement the efficient design of the building and further reduce the amount of natural resources used. Incorporating these design features and social programs into the new residence hall complex can greatly reduce the amount of natural resources consumed. Thus, reducing the ecological footprint of this complex, while reducing the financial burden of utility bills for the University.
Elizabeth Hueter-Willoughby, Ryan Llamas, Adrienne Spitzer
Course Code: 
ENVS 411
Kevin Fingerman
spring 2013
Humboldt State University