Office of Sustainability

Arcata CCA Feasibility Study

During the study community choice aggregation (CCA) was researched as a stand alone option for Arcata, a joint program between Arcata and Sonoma, and a joint program between Arcata and Marin. It was found that joining Sonoma or Marin would be cheaper and more timely than if Arcata were to create its own CCA program. However, if Arcata creates its own program it would benefit from more autonomy in the program, more jobs, and the possibility of more renewable energy growth within the city. This report describes what the different scenarios might look like.
Problem Statement: 
The goal of this project was to create a report analyzing 3 options of a community choice aggregation program for Arcata: a stand alone option, joining Sonoma County, and joining Marin County.
Leo Bell, Nick Cauthen, Dominick Triola, Omar AbiChahine
Course Code: 
ENVS 410
Kevin Fingerman
fall 2013
Humboldt State University