Office of Sustainability

Are Mitigation Measures being followed for Mill Creek?

As part of a mitigation settlement for the development of the Mill Creek Shopping Center, in McKinleyville, CA, several measures to decrease pollution impacts to the adjacent creek (Mill creek) were agreed to by the land developer, in addition to setting aside nine acres of adjacent land for permanent preservation. The land parcel was the catalyst to form the McKinleyville Land Trust, which later named the parcel Chah-GAH-Cho and has been actively managing and making plans for further restoration of the land. The pollution prevention measures and ongoing management of impacts to Mill creek are less obvious, so this project seeks to determine if compliance with the original settlement agreement is being met by investigating implementation of the settlement provisions.
Problem Statement: 
In the 1990’s after runoff from construction operations polluted Mill Creek, a group of concerned citizens took legal action against Browman Development Company. During litigation a settlement was agreed upon by both parties. There is a need to verify whether Browman Development Company did comply with this agreement.
Tesia Summers, Daniel Delgado, Allen Weese
Course Code: 
ENVS 410
Kevin Fingerman
fall 2013
Humboldt State University