Office of Sustainability

Assessment of Arcata's Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

A look at the City of Arcata's decision to join the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) in 2000 and subsequent failure to meet 2010 greenhouse reduction goals set forh in the city's 2000 Community Greenhouse Reduction Plan. Project includes City of Arcata greenhouse gas inventory/ forecast, Arcata's greenhouse gas reduction plan along with considered measures, guide to purchasing green power and a community greenhouse gas emissions report from Torrie Smith Associates containing base year data for 2000 and target year projections for 2010.
Problem Statement: 
Identify why Arcata failed to meet 2010 reduction goals through analysis of the city's Community Greenhouse Reduction Plan, drafted in 2000. Develop recommendations to assist the City of Arcata in further greenhouse gas reducton efforts.
John Hackett
Hannah Hourie
Stanley Instness
Ryan Kriken
Course Code: 
ENVS 411
Richard Hansis
fall 2009
Humboldt State University