Office of Sustainability

Campus Stormwater Runoff Assessment

Project addresses issues of stormwater runoff from the campus of Humboldt State University and develops methods to mitigate its effects/ stresses on water quality and infrastructure. Document includes compilations of resources addressing best management practices, case studies, integration of constructed wetlands/ design components, and methods to mitigate negative effects of stormwater runoff. Also included are HSU infrastructure upgrade submissions, water quality/ contaminate analysis by North Coast Laboratories LTD, collected water quality data and map of HSU's storm drain system.
Problem Statement: 
Determine stormwater runoff contributions pre and post storm events from the campus of HSU and develop strategies to mitigate its effects on both water quality and infrastructure.
Gilberto Flores
Jessica Hair
Thomas Mikolay
Lonny Rodriguez
Course Code: 
ENVS 410
Richard Hansis
fall 2001
Humboldt State University