Office of Sustainability

Waste Diversion

Everything from computers to paper to office furniture gets reused and recycled at Humboldt State. In 2006, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board, 77.8 percent of waste was diverted at HSU.  In 2012, HSU won a CSU Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practices Award for the implementation of the organic waste diversion program that aims to have entire campus involved in organic waste diversion by 2013.

More about waste reduction programs:


List of Recyclable Materials

Electronic Waste, Batteries, Discs, Printer Cartridges and CFLs

Composting and Food Waste Collection

Other Recycling

Reuse Opportunities



Humboldt State has gone single stream.  All plastics numbered 1 through 7, metals, glass, as well as paper, magazines, and cardboard can be thrown together into any mixed recycling container on campus.  There are still paper only recycling containers in some computer labs and office spaces.

View a complete list of recyclable materials for our campus >>


Electronic Waste (E-waste), Batteries, Discs, Printer Cartridges and CFLs Collection

E-waste is the name given to electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life." Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, cell phones, mp3 players and fax machines are common electronic products.

Recycle your e-waste, along with batteries, discs, printer cartridges, and CFL light bulbs at the following locations:

  • In the E-Cycler (pictured below) on the 2nd floor of the Jolly Giant Commons
  • In the E-Cycler in the hall outside the College Creek mail room
  • In a blue E-Waste bin located:
  • Outside the main entrance to the library
  • Outside the Native American Forum
  • Outside the main entrance to Science B
  • Outside east entrance to Siemens Hall
  • Inside entrance hall to Founders Hall


Composting and Food Waste Collection

With your help, HSU is keeping over 150 tons of food waste out of the landfill each year! There are now even more food waste collection containers conveniently located on campus:

  • At the entrance to the Depot and inside the Depot
  • On the University Center Quad
  • Main entrance to the library
  • Main entrance to South Campus Marketplace
  • At the main entrance to BSS
  • In the red barrels for all apartments and residence halls except Redwood, Sunset, and the Canyon Complex (see picture below) 

All these containers accept biodegradable materials appropriate for cold composting.  Please no dairy or meat in these containers but they do accept coffee grounds, soiled paper products, eggshells, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains.

Of this organic waste 8,000 pounds stays on campus and is composted by WRRAP to produce soil amendment for the campus grounds and CCAT.  Due to the limited capacity of the campus composting site the rest of this biogenic waste is accepted by the Humboldt Waste Management Authority and goes to a commercial composting facility.


Other Recycling

Contact Morgan King at to have the following campus-generated items picked up for recycling:

  • Hard-bound books
  • Scrap metal and wire
  • Carpeting
  • Mixed rigid plastics
  • Appliances
  • Laboratory and field equipment
  • Brick, porcelain, concrete, broken glass


Reuse Opportunities

The EPA recognizes reuse to have a lower environmental impact than recycling.  These are just some of the reuse opportunities on campus: 

School and office supplies: Reusable Office Supply Exchange (R.O.S.E.) located at the Warren house 53 south of the library accepts surplus and used school and office supplies.  Managed through WRRAP, these supplies are made available for free to the campus.  R.O.S.E is open 8-5pm, Monday through Friday.  

Re-usable office equipment and furniture: Contact Plant Operations to request a pick-up.

Packaging peanuts and pillows: These are accepted by Shipping and Receiving beside Plant Operations.

Graduation gown and caps: CCAT hosts a graduation gown rental and collection each year.

Dishes: For your next campus event or gathering rent dishes from Dining Catering Services for less than the cost of disposable tableware.  And YES, dining washes the dishes.  Contact Violet at or (707) 826-5311 for more details.

Dorm Stuff: During move-out at the end of each semester Housing & Dining, WRRAP, and Plant Operations host a collection for reusable items; that are donated to local charities and thrift stores.

Miscellaneous: The campus holds frequent public auctions of surplus property.  These will include fun items such as vehicles, furniture, electronics and construction supplies.  Auctions are made public through the university announcements and local newspapers.


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