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GWPE Information and Online Registration

The GWPE (Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam) registration deadline and examination date is listed below. The GWPE is normally administered once during the fall semester and twice during the spring semester.

GWPE registration is now online (see below).

GWPE Fall 2014 Test Dates

Test Date: Saturday, October 18th
Online Registration Deadline: September 26th

GWPE Spring 2015 Test Dates

Test Date: Saturday, February 21st
Online Registration Deadline: February 6th

Test Date: Saturday, April 11th
Online Registration Deadline: March 26th

Online Registration

  1. Log on to myHumboldt from the humboldt.edu site
  2. Select the "Financial Matters" tab
  3. Locate "Financial Links"
  4. Select the "Register/Pay for GWPE" link
  5. Select the appropriate option and complete the transaction

A few weeks before your test date, you will receive an email from the HSU Testing Center providing your test location on the HSU campus, instructions for what to bring, and our new cell phone policy. Note that if your cell phone is visible to the test proctors at any time during the exam, you will be asked to leave and will have to re-register (and re-pay) for the GWPE at another date.

GWPE Fees: $28.00

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