A place for students to take exams in an accommodated environment


The Testing Center is a place offered by the University for students to go and take exams in an accommodated environment other than the classroom. The option to schedule these exams is available for students with disability in need of special accommodations.

Changes in Government Challenge Exam

The Politics Department has made some changes to the Government Challenge Exam. The Government Challenge Exam is no longer offered in a Pencil/Paper format and is now offered through Moodle.

The study questions/guide for the Government Exam has also been modified. If you currently have a copy of the Government Challenge Exam study questions/guide, please return these questions/guide to the Testing Center.

You may find the new information regarding the Politics Challenge Exam at the following links:

For further information regarding the Government Exam, please contact the Department of Politics at 707.826.4494

Testing Manual - The Testing Users' Manual is a guide to the procedures and behaviors an individual needs to follow in order to take an exam at the Testing Center. The manual also contains the Request for Proctoring Services.

Test Calendar - The Exam List is a list of all the exams the Testing Center offers for the current year, this includes registration deadlines and fees.

Testing News - The Testing News is the place to find out what is happening at the testing center for any given day of any given month.

Contact Us

You can call the Testing Center at (707) 826-3611 or email us at testing@humboldt.edu


The Testing Center is located in the Learning Commons, Library Basement (Room 24)

Get Acrobat Reader

Testing center downloads require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. You can download and install if from Adobe Website for free.